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of the terroir

Vadin-Plateau Champagne is a family run enterprise in the heart of the Great Valley of the Marne, in the village of Cumières, near Épernay, the capital of Champagne. Since 1785, a passion for wine and its cultivation has been transmitted from generation to generation and continues today to Yann, the ninth generation.

Each harvest, our winery creates champagne, a unique wine of this region. In fact, through our extensive knowledge and lively imagination, Vadin-Plateau Champagne is able to offer lovers of its wines two lines: Traditional and Exceptional. These wines come from harvests that are each born from a vinification that is specifically adapted to the characteristics of the terroir of this region...

The wine

A history of the plateau family

In 1765, Joseph Plateau was born in the village of Cumières, and became the first generation to acquire vineyards. Despite the hard work due to fragmented plots, Joseph threw himself into the wine business and founded "Maison Plateau". Thus the history of the Maison Vadin-Plateau vineyards began.

Eight other generations followed this first one, each generation bringing with it symbolic changes to the company: Rémy Plateau, sixth generation, was the creator of the first brand, "Champagne Rémy Plateau"; his daughter, Yvette Plateau married Guy Vadin, who, in 1958, renamed the brand "Champagne Vadin-Plateau" and gained its current status of Grower-Producer by installing a press.

Today, 300 years later, the brand continues under the aegis of Yann, who has been brilliantly practicing his wine making techniques by combining tradition with modernity, and thereby ensuring the sustainability of an expertise that is as authentic as it is innovative.

In the photo: On the left, Alphonse Perrin, influential figure in Maison Vadin-Plateau. Father of Huguette Perrin, who married Rémy Plateau, he was one of the founders of the Syndicat Général des Vignerons (General Wine Society). He contributed to the independence of the wine makers of Champagne and in particular the development of the Champagne Rémy Plateau brand.

7 villages, 7 hectares

one vineyard

The vineyards of Champagne Vadin-Plateau were formed over the generations, and have now reached seven hectares over seven villages, all chosen by the family of the wine makers for their characteristics: Aÿ, Pourcy, Hautvillers, Cumières, Damery, Venteuil, Château-Thierry.

Exclusively on southern and southeastern slopes, the vineyard is composed of 44% Pinot Meunier, 39% Pinot Noir and 17% Chardonnay. Each tract was acquired based on its ability to carry the variety that the company wanted to use. Thus, Champagne Vadin-Plateau is endowed with a range of flavors from terroir that have been classified for some Premier and Grand Crus.

Through thorough involvement and creativity, each wine maker in the family has respected the style of Maison Vadin-Plateau and, in his own way, brought out the character of the terroir used in each new harvest.


The authentic character of the terroir

All stages of creation contribute to expressing the characteristics of the terroir of Champagne Vadin-Plateau:

Forward looking viticulture combined with memories of yesteryear

Starting with the work in the vineyard, Yann watches over the development of the grapes, the leaves and the soil by studying the climate and weather every day. Just like his great-grandparents, he reintroduced soil tillage. Well planned viticulture results in a non-systematic use of treatments: these are applied only when necessary and depending upon the weather. By caring for the soils up to the base of the vine, a natural ground cover is achieved.
At harvest, the grapes that have an exceptional concentration or aromatic feature are isolated to create small productions and perhaps reveal a new facet of the "terroir" of the vineyard...

Tradition and technology in the winery

Guy and Jean-Luc Vadin, Yann's grandfather and father, have always worked to improve their techniques and their wines. So it is natural that Yann also commits himself to improving his ancestral terroir. In this way, the wine making methods of yesteryear have been optimized technically and technologically. Oak barrels have found their place and are partially renewed every year by Jérôme Viard of the Champagne Cooperage.
The wines are classified by variety, by village, by plot and by the quality of the juice. Something made possible by temperaturecontrolled stainless steel tanks of different capacities.
Since 2011, the winery has added clay oval tubs, opening new possibilities for working the wine: wine making and farming bring minerality, emphasizing the terroir and concentrating the flavors.
These extensive facilities and the expertise related to them allow the company to express its terroir through unique wines.

Accuracy and authenticity in the blend

Regularly, Yann, Jean-Luc and Guy, the last three generations of the Maison Vadin-Plateau, meet and taste the clear wine. An important moment that calls upon their expert knowledge of the terroir of Maison Vadin-Plateu as well as the various vinification methods used, and of course, an expert palate. It is at this crucial time that they observe the changes in their terroir and imagine new vintages. Creation and improvement are ever present values in the work of the Maison Vadin-Plateau, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Their objective is to offer authentic and exceptional champagnes.


Characteristics of the terroir

Champagne Vadin-Plateau offers two lines, allowing them to take advantage of all of the benefits of the Maison Vadin-Plateau land: this comes from its attachment to the ancestral tradition and its ability to develop the authenticity of its terroir.


Exceptional line

Blanc de Noirs

Blanc de Noirs

Technical Sheet

60% Pinot Meunier 40% Pinot Noir of which 20% vin de réserve
Dosage 8 g/l
Aging on lees for 2 years

Historic cuvée of the Maison, this Blanc de Noirs reflects what was typical of the vineyard throughout its first generations. Its label therefore depicts Cumières, the village from which the Vadin-Plateau family originates.

Here we have a dominant Pinot Meunier, with an undertone of Pinot Noir: simplicity in all its elegance. From its Premiers Crus black grapes this Blanc de Noirs acquires its refined, tender and fruity aspect.
The nose is clean and fresh, revealing aromas of brioches and croissants, hazelnut and almond. White fruits are present, with its hints of peach and pear. In the mouth, its texture is supple and light. It has the optimal balance between liveliness and roundness. The finish is long, highlighted by an elegant and discreet bitter note.

Grande Réserve

Grande Réserve

Technical Sheet

60% Chardonnay 40% Pinot Noir of which 5% vin de réserve
Dosage 7 g/l
Aged on slats for 4 to 5 years
The extra aging in cellars leads the Chardonnays of the Maison to develop elegant flavours with an extreme complexity. To enable the admirers of their wine to discover this expression of their terroir, Guy and Rémy, house vintners at the time, produced this cuvée using traditional vinification and extra aging.
Grande Réserve is therefore left to lie for five years in cellars following a traditional "tirage" process, whereby each bottle is stoppered with a cork held in place by a wire cage, the ancestral know-how being reflected in the dressing of this cuvée.
The nose is intense, with notes of hawthorn flower and white fruits: pear, peach. Citrus fruits, grapefruit and lemon, bring freshness and elegance to the biscuity, lightly-toasted fragrances. The mouthfeel is fresh and creamy, marked by a light astringency that emphasizes the character of the wine, well-structured and long on flavor.


60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir 3 to 4% Coteaux champenois (red wine made by Maison Vadin-Plateau) of which 20% vin de réserve
Dosage 7 g/l
Aged in sediment 2 years
Cumières plots
This Rosé is born of the alliance between champagne and red wine making. Cumières Rouge is a rare and renowned wine, and so tradition has been blended with contemporary effervescence in order to create a rosé with the expressive flavors of red fruits.
For the first generation producing it, this ingenious melange was a major innovation, a new interpretation of the terroir, which is depicted on the label of this Rosé in the representation of the Champagne vineyards.
The nose is charming and youthful with notes of raspberries, wild strawberries and candy. The mouthfeel is crisp, bright and refreshing, with notes of kirsch cherries. Red berries stand out among the elegant springtime sensations.



Technical Sheet

100 % Chardonnay
Dosage 7 g/l
Élevage sur lattes de 4 à 5 ans
Parcelle de Cumières « Chêne la Butte »
Tirage : 3 000 bouteilles
La cuvée Aurélie est incarnée par un diamant brut : sa précision et sa pureté rappellent l’expression exceptionnelle du Chardonnay de Cumières. Ce vin offre une robe typique des plus grands Chardonnays et pourtant, il tient son originalité et sa rareté d’un terroir atypique pour ce cépage blanc. Floral et élégant, il présente une délicate féminité, à l’image d’Aurélie, fille de Jean-Luc.
Le nez est frais sur des notes de fleurs blanches et d’acacia légèrement mentholées. Dans sa complexité, apparaissent des notes fruitées, de pêche, d’abricot et d’agrumes. En filigrane, la minéralité contribue à l’élégance de cet ensemble harmonieux. Une expression maximale de la quintessence du Chardonnay avec fraîcheur, richesse et intensité.


100 % Pinot Noir vinifié en fûts de chêne
Dosage 7 g/l
Élevage sur lattes de 4 à 5 ans
Parcelle de Cumières « Bois des Jots »
Tirage : 700 bouteilles
La cuvée Y tient sa singularité d’une vinification en fûts de chêne. Cette méthode exceptionnelle est représentée par un design unique : l’imbrication multiple de son nom « Y » forme un arbre majestueux évoquant les arômes épanouis et boisés de cette cuvée satellite.
Ce champagne vit le jour lorsque Jean-Luc dota la Maison de fûts de chêne : le Pinot Noir vinifié en fûts dévoila des arômes de brioche au miel, de caramel et de noisette sur fond de notes boisées. Cette cuvée dédiée trouva naturellement l’initiale de Yann, attaché à ces saveurs authentiques et aux pratiques d’antan.
Le nez est complexe, intense, marqué par le bois. Les premiers arômes expriment des notes de pain d’épices, de tabac, puis apparaissent des notes de fruits à l’alcool, de cuir et de viande séchée. Le bois, par ses notes vanillées, grillées, moka en fait un vin de caractère. Il présente une belle structure et un équilibre réussi entre gras et fraîcheur. Pour amateur averti.

Millésime 2007

Millésime 2007

Technical Sheet

75 % Pinot Noir, 25 % Chardonnay
Dosage 6 g/l
Élevage sur lies de 6 ans minimum
Parcelles de Cumières
Tirage : 1 500 bouteilles
Le caractère rare et exceptionnel de ce Millésime Deux Mille Sept s’incarne par la signature manuscrite de son année sur un lit d’or. Il est en effet issu d’un assemblage inhabituel pour la Maison alliant une majorité de Pinot Noir au Chardonnay. Le plaisir de trouver à la dégustation tant d’authenticité et d’originalité, amena la Maison Vadin-Plateau à proposer ce Millésime raffiné, aux arômes subtils et à l’équilibre parfait entre complexité et fraîcheur.
Le nez est fin et complexe. Des notes d’agrumes, de fruits blancs et de miel, côtoient d’élégantes nuances lactées, presque grillées et légèrement épicées : gingembre, anis. Un millésime à la bouche fraîche et élégante.


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